The Birthday Box
The Birthday Box

The Birthday Box

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Planning a socially-distant birthday party? Perhaps a special someone is staying home for their big day this year. Whether the birthday-person is turning 4 or 40, you're definitely going to need The Birthday Box! 

The Birthday Box is the perfect way to celebrate. As well as a selection of delicious party snacks, it contains a giant birthday badge, a party horn (yes, it's as noisy as it sounds) and even Birthday Party Oreos!

Why not send The Birthday Box as a gift if you can't be there yourself? Personalise it with a message too!

Your box will contain the following:

1x Giant Birthday Badge
1x Extremely Noisy Party Horn
1x Butterkist Popcorn 76g
1x Oreo Birthday Party 154g
1x Haribo Starmix 90g
1x Tango 330ml
1x Skips Prawn Cocktail 17g
1x Jelly Tots 42g
1x Maryland Mini Cookies 40g
1x Hershey's Sprinkles 'n' Creme 39g
1x Aero Peppermint 36g

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