The Bumper Harvest Snack Box
The Bumper Harvest Snack Box
The Bumper Harvest Snack Box

The Bumper Harvest Snack Box

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The Bumper Harvest Snack Box contains the best of our current range and a massive 27 individual items. If the whole family is craving a treat or your personal lockdown stash is dwindling, this is the box for you!

Your box will contain the following:

1x Twix 50g
1x Oreo Snackpack 66g
1x Snickers 48g
2x Diet Coke 500ml
1x Diet Coke 330ml
1x San Pellegrino 330ml
1x Fanta Zero 330ml
1x Doritos Chilli Heatwave 40g
1x Hula Hoops 34g
1x Mini Cheddars 50g
1x Kit Kat 45g
1x Jaffa Cakes Snackpack 48.8g
1x Kellogg's Squares 28g
1x Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce 40g
2x Higates Flapjack 120g
1x McCoys 47.5g
1x Mars Bar 51g
1x Eat Real Hummus Chips 45g
1x McVities Digestive Nibbles 37g
2x Quavers 20g
1x Popchips 23g
1x Yoghurt Raisins 50g
1x Aero Peppermint Bar 36g

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Please note: Wicker hamper is not included. Please see 'extras' category to add a wicker hamper to your order.

Where one item is unavailable, it will be substituted with the most suitable alternative of the same price.

Ingredients & Allergens: Please see individual product listings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Maria Corti

That was the second time I have used snack box and my grandchildren were delighted with it and I was pleased with your service

Excellent highly recommend

Purchased for a friend he loves it with the selection offered. Have previously purchased others for him

Chris Kelly
Snack Box

We order the snack box for our Grandsons in the UK, we live in Australia. They are a reward for doing well in their exams, they love them. Adam said and I quote, 'if getting good results gets me a snack box, then it is worth it'

Alexandra Bennett
Sent to a friend

They said good selection but would have also like some sweets included. I added a bag of haribo for an extra cost.

Well worth buying

Brought for my husband's birthday. He absolutely loves it.

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