The Easter Bonanza Box

The Easter Bonanza Box

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The Easter Bonanza Box is Easter done properly! The perfect treats for a very special Easter, including a Cadbury Easter Egg, Creme Egg Twisted bag, a whole host of Easter chocolate favourites and savoury goodies too. 

Your box will contain the following:

1x Cadbury Easter Egg 74g 
1x Drumchick Squashies 160g
1x Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted Bag 83g
1x Maltesers Bunny 29g
1x Kit Kat Bunny 29g
1x Smarties Bunny 18.5g
1x Cadbury Creme Egg 40g
1x Aero Peppermint 36g
1x Twix 50g
1x Mars Bar 51g 
1x Kit Kat 45g
1x Propercorn Lightly Salted 20g
1x Mini Cheddars 50g
1x Real Sweet Chilli Crisps 35g
1x Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies 40g

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Our snacks are shipped in the box you see in the pictures. Our couriers are very careful, but the box may arrive showing signs of having been through the postal service! If you would like to ensure you receive a pristine box, then for £1.00 extra, we will ship your box inside another box for extra protection. Simply select the 'extra protection' option at checkout. 

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